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Un voyage aux confins de la galaxie pour comprendre les météorites, ces débris d’astéroïdes ayant voyagé à travers l’espace et le temps. Témoins de la naissance de la vie, sources d’un précieux savoir scientifique, elles nous interpellent sur notre rapport au temps et à la Terre.

Livrée avec un bracelet supplémentaire Time Travelers Noir .

Ce modèle est épuisé et ne sera pas reproduit.

Inscrivez-vous à notre liste de diffusion pour ne pas rater nos prochains projets.

TIME TRAVELERS - ÉDITION LIMITÉE LASSAUSSOIS est disponible ici même, sur notre boutique en ligne ainsi que dans les boutiques LASSAUSSOIS à PARIS, dans la limite des 100 exemplaires disponibles.

LASSAUSSOIS : 40 rue de Passy, 75016 Paris - 01 53 92 51 61

LASSAUSSOIS : 58 rue de Rennes, 75006 Paris - 01 46 34 71 38


A dial carved from an exceptional meteorite prized by collectors: Munionalusta. A fragment of eternity on the wrist, here in a purple shade exclusive to the LASSAUSSOIS limited edition, to put into perspective the notion of time and our place in the universe.


Légers, confortables et résistants, les deux bracelets - blanc exclusif et noir - qui équipent l’édition limitée LASSAUSSOIS incarnent notre vision d’une fabrication à l’impact environnement minimal. Sur leurs faces intérieures sont reproduites les figures de Widmanstätten, motifs typiques des météorites ferreuses.


Used in aeronautics and aerospace, our 70% recycled titanium offers performance strictly equivalent to that of a virgin material, while significantly reducing its carbon impact. Light, robust and waterproof, the Time Travelers case is perfectly suited to all your life constraints. A real everyday "tool watch", built to last. 


Reliable and easy to maintain, the Miyota movement made in Japan has a 42-hour power reserve and beats at the rate of 28,800 vibrations per hour. Totally reworked, the oscillating weight offers particularly neat finishes - polished chamfering, microblasted-brushed alternations, deep markings - giving the whole a very technical aesthetic.



It was in 1990 that Jean Lassaussois opened his first boutique, Les Montres Suisses, at 58 rue Bonaparte. Joined by his brother Arnaud in 1992, they opened a new boutique in 1997, located at 40 rue de Passy. Since 2007, Catherine Lassaussois has been at the head of the first exclusive Rolex store opened in Europe, rue de Rennes, in Paris.

In 2015, the group further deepened this relationship of trust which binds it to its customers, with the opening of the Les Montres Collector boutique, dedicated to vintage watchmaking, collector's watches, second-hand pieces, and managed by Pauline Lassaussois, one of Catherine and Jean's daughters. For the 31st anniversary of the house, the Lassaussois family has decided to open a new setting at 58 rue de Rennes Paris 6th, dedicated to watchmaking and jewelry.

The Lassaussois saga is above all a family story, and it is only natural that Valentin Lassaussois, son of Jean and Catherine, a trained watchmaker, joins the group in order to maintain the timepieces of the most beautiful watchmaking houses. Amélie Lassaussois takes over, in July 2022 from Arnaud, management of the boutique in the 16th arrondissement, a legendary address in the capital, known and appreciated by all watch and jewelry lovers.

In Paris, the Lassaussois History has been written and passed on for a quarter of a century, built on family values and shared passions, transmitted to a demanding, passionate and curious clientele within the Lassaussois boutiques - Les Montres - Les Bijoux, embodying and promoting the family watchmaking and jewelry know-how, as well as the creations of the biggest brands. 



TIME TRAVELERS-LASSAUSSOIS Edition is equipped with a sapphire crystal with integrated NFC technology, allowing access to an experience of discovering meteorites from our solar system. 

Each owner of a copy of this limited and numbered edition of 100 copies will be able to take part in a unique immersive experience developed by NASA and explore our Milky Way in real time, discovering the asteroids that cross it. NFC technology is used here as a tool to awaken awareness to the beauty and mysteries of the world around us. 

It's your turn to discover these fragments of eternity, to locate them, to learn more about their names, their sizes, their compositions but also their past and future trajectories.