Whether you are a passing Internet user or a long-time customer, your trust is earned. This is why we make a commitment to keep your personal data safe and to use them only wisely, without ever selling them to a third party.

To function, an online sales site needs a certain amount of information about its customers: without it, it would be impossible for us to deliver your packages quickly, answer your questions and guarantee you a comfortable user experience. That said, we know that collecting this data makes us responsible for it.

AWAKE CONCEPT takes this responsibility very seriously, below you will find an exhaustive detailed review of the personal data that we are likely to collect, as well as a precise explanation of the use that can be made of it. You will then discover the detailed presentation of the rights and tools available to you to control, modify, or request the deletion of your personal information.


What is the data we collect and store used for?

Your identity and postal address: This information is required so that we can ship your purchases to you.

Your email address and telephone numbers: Essential for us to be able to follow up on your order and navigate through the history of our exchanges in the event of a prolonged discussion. With your prior consent, we may also send you newsletters relating to our offers or promotions. If they no longer interest you, you are free to interrupt these communications at any time from your customer account.

Your title (Mr./Ms.): It simply allows us to adapt our communications.

The history of our exchanges: This is used to monitor conversations with our customers, for example to check the progress in the processing of a complaint and/or in the context of commercial exchanges (personalized offers).

Your purchase history: As part of the warranty for purchased products and our after-sales support, we must keep track of the information associated with each transaction. It is they who allow us, for example, to edit the invoices or to confirm the validity of the guarantee.

Your browsing information: This data is used for statistical purposes to optimize and personalize the user experience on our sites and better understand what our customers expect from us. This data is also used as part of fraud detection and prevention mechanisms.

Payment information? We record the information related to the transaction (nature of the means of payment, date and time of the validation, etc.) but we never record your credit card identifier, your PayPal login or other: During your purchases, you enter always this information directly on the secure pages of our banking partners (Shopify payment, Stripe, PayPal, Alma, etc.).


Responsibility for the processing of your personal information lies with AWAKE CONCEPT, Limited Liability Company with capital of €11636 and registered in the Paris Trade Register under number 84927110100016 and whose registered office is located at 12 rue philippe de girard 75010 PARIS.


We implement all the technical means at our disposal to maintain the integrity, security and confidentiality of all your personal data. Our entire IT architecture and the information it contains are secured through the support of recognized specialized service providers with industry standard security certifications covering, among other things, the management and traceability of authorizations, database , privacy issues, etc. as following :

ISO 27001

This certification specifies the requirements for the implementation, updating and continuous improvement of our information security management system. It also includes requirements on the assessment and treatment of information security risks. Annual audit report available on request. More info: ISO 27001 Certification


This certification makes it possible to issue an opinion by a specialized audit firm on the controls in place, controls relating to security, availability, integrity of processing, confidentiality and/or data protection. Annual audit report available on request. More info: SOC 2 Certification


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new European Union legal framework that governs the collection and processing of users' personal data. GDPR compliance certificate available on request. More info: GDPR standards


Absolutely, nothing obliges you to entrust us with the slightest bit of information about you. However, we cannot allow you to order without collecting your name or address.

In certain countries or for certain types of orders, local legislation may require us to request specific information such as tax region, tax code, profession, national identity card or passport number and/or social security when you make a purchase. If this information is required by local regulations, you will not be able to order on AWAKE CONCEPT without providing it to us.


We take the protection of your data very seriously, they are never sold or transferred to third parties. The only transmissions of information that can be envisaged are those that allow us to fulfill orders, ensure the proper functioning of our services and provide you with suitable commercial offers. For example, we are obliged to entrust your postal address to the company which will take care of delivering your order to your home. Apart from the cases listed below, we never transmit your personal data to third parties:

The service providers in charge of the preparation or delivery of packages.

The payment organizations that secure the transaction.

Service providers involved in the technical aspects of the operation of the store AWAKE CONCEPT, in particular for access to the website and communication: Email routing, SMS routing, web hosting.

Marketing service providers: They help us to personalize your experience on the store as much as possible. AWAKE CONCEPT.

Also note that as required by law, AWAKE CONCEPT may declare your tax region, tax code, occupation, national identity card or passport number and/or social security number in connection with any of your orders to a legal or governmental entity (example : police investigation) or, if necessary, in connection with the payment of certain taxes when processing payments (payment of VAT).


It may happen, on very rare occasions, that we work with service providers based abroad, which means that your information could pass through infrastructures located outside France. When this eventuality occurs, we ensure before any implementation that the service provider concerned presents the necessary guarantees for the security of your data.


When you create a customer account with AWAKE CONCEPT, we are entering into a relationship that involves us retaining certain personal information with your consent. This data is generally stored until we explicitly ask you to delete it. If you choose this option, there may remain statistical data linked to your previous visits, but these will be unrelated to your personal information. However, we may retain certain personal data to comply with our legal obligations, most often related to tax or legal issues. Your order history will, for example, be stored for 12 years.


When you visit our site, we record certain information related to your browsing on your computer via a “cookie” file. We use these cookies to collect statistics on the frequentation of our site and to learn from the preferences of our visitors during their navigation. These cookies help us to provide you with personalized information and relevant services.

About the store AWAKE CONCEPT, we use two types of cookies:

Functional cookies are essential for the proper functioning of the site. They allow us, for example, to keep your shopping cart in memory when you browse the site. Without them, it is no longer possible to place an order. The information collected in this way is strictly for internal use and is never transmitted to third parties.

Partner cookies are installed by trusted third parties with whom we work to optimize our services and promote our activities, in particular through advertising. These third-party cookies are likely to record data relating to your browsing on AWAKE CONCEPT and other sites, as well as the advertisements you have clicked on, often related to specific and/or personalized offers.

Disabling cookies via the main browsers:

Although deleting functional cookies is detrimental to the user experience on our sites, you are free to disable this technology through your browser settings.

Internet Explorer :

In the “Tools” menu, select “Internet Options”

Then click on the “Privacy” tab

Click on the “Advanced” button to bring up the “Advanced privacy settings” window

Then tick the box “Override the automatic management of cookies”, then select “Refuse” and save your preferences by clicking on “OK”.

Mozilla Firefox :

In the menu at the top of the page click on “Tools”, then “Options”

Select the “Privacy” tab

Configure the “Retention rules” menu, click on “use custom settings for history”

Uncheck the “accept third-party cookies” box and save your preferences by clicking “OK”.

Google Chrome :

In the menu, click on “Settings” then on “Show advanced settings”

Select the “Privacy” tab then the “Content settings” menu

Check the box “Block cookies and data from third-party sites” and save your preferences by clicking “OK”.

Safari :

In the menu at the top of the page, click on “Safari”, then “Preferences”

Click on the “Privacy” tab

Uncheck the "Accept cookies" box and save your preferences.

We measure traffic to our sites using a tool called Google Analytics. You can prevent the collection and processing by Google of the data generated by the dedicated cookie (in particular your IP address) by downloading and installing the plugin available under the following link:


You have many rights relating to how your personal data is stored and used. Foremost among these rights is that of being informed, which is why we have made this page available to you.

You then have the right to ask us for access to all personal data held about you. You can also request the correction, modification or deletion of this information, within the limits of the restrictions mentioned in the chapter on retention. You can also stop receiving our direct marketing messages (newsletter).


Also, you have a right of recourse in the event of a dispute, by turning to the regulator responsible for the protection of personal data. In France, it is the CNIL, the National Commission for Computing and Liberties.

For more information on these rights and how to exercise them, you can contact our data protection officer through the link mentioned above.


We sometimes have to change our confidentiality rules to support a transformation of the regulatory framework or the implementation of a new service offer. In this context, we may modify or update the information in this article, so as to always transparently reflect the actual use made of your personal data. In the event of a significant modification, an information communication will be sent to you personally in order to verify your consent.


The entity AWAKE CONCEPT is responsible for the personal data that the site collects from you. It is responsible for processing this data in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations.

For any question, for any request for information or to assert your rights to the modification or deletion of certain information concerning you, you can contact the data protection officer at the email address: