Set time

1. Pull the crown out to set the time, if you turn the crown counterclockwise, the hands will advance and vice versa. 

2. Once the time has been set, return the crown to its initial position, pushing it in as far as possible to preserve the water resistance of the watch. Indeed, if the crown is not perfectly replaced, water can enter your watch (as in any other watch).


Normally, your AWAKE watch only needs to be worn to operate. However, the first charge may require special attention.

For the first charge, here is our recommendation: the watch should be exposed to 25 hours of natural light (and therefore not on your wrist). This implies 3 days of charging if you only have 8 hours of sunshine per day. By following these tips your watch will operate normally. There may not be enough sunshine in winter. In this case, do not hesitate to complete the charge of your watch using the flash of your smartphone for a few minutes. This should give your watch the energy it needs.