As enthusiasts, we have long been immersed in a culture of watchmaking tradition, governed by its codes, rules and principles. We draw all the quintessence from it to better get out of the box and challenge what already exists, in an ultimate quest for pure watchmaking pleasure.


Innovation is at the heart of all our developments. We cultivate values such as curiosity and audacity, letting ourselves be guided by our desire to explore new horizons, to push the limits of watchmaking art and to create watches that reflect our vision of the world.



It is by observing nature that we can grasp the full potential of solutions
that it offers to experience. Reconnect our society to nature, its rhythm and
its forms is to dare a futuristic and resilient vision of our production methods.

In doing so, we explore the world in search of the materials of
tomorrow, advocating the preservation and intelligent use of our natural resources.


Excellence is at the very heart of our approach. We strive
constantly strive to achieve the highest levels of quality and performance in everything we do.

Guided by our unwavering values and mission that define all of our choices, we never compromise.

We apply this rigor to all of our decisions, and down to the smallest details of our watches.



Alongside this quest for excellence, we also cultivate a fun and playful state of mind. We believe in the magic of existence, in wonder and serendipity, which inspire us to think and live differently.